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Plan Candy Buffet

Plan Candy Buffet

Planning a wedding, a baby shower or any other special occasion? Candy can make your special events even more delightful.

Candy is a popular choice for parties. Candy is colorful, versatile, beautiful and yet affordable. Being sweet is just an extra plus. You just can’t go wrong with candy!

Sweet Factory Online Store offers a wide selection of possibilities at very affordable prices. You can choose Candies by Colors, Candies by Types or Wedding Specific Candies.

With hundreds to choose, it’s certain that you will find ones that fits your party theme or style.

Browse through our website by category or just type in keywords in our search box.

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How to Plan a Candy Buffet

•  Plan ahead
Begin to plan your candy buffet few months prior to the event. This will give you enough time to make any changes if necessary.
•  How much candy do you need?
Calculate about half pound of candy per guest. If you are giving out favor bags, budget about 1 large handful, or 0.05 lb. per a small candy favor bag (1 lb. of candy will fill about 20 small favor bags).  Check out our Cello Bags, Sweet Shoppe Candy Boxes, Candy Tins and others.
•  What is your theme?
Choose your candies based upon your party’s theme and colors. Check out our Candy by Color category.  We have all the colors of the spectrum and some more!
•  What kind of candy?
Choose candies you would like to give your guests. We offer a great selection of candies sorted by types and a wide variety of chocolates. Check out our Candy by Types, Chocolates, Wedding Candies and much, much more.
•  What kind of setting?
Choose a buffet table and purchase containers for the candy buffet, such as glass vases, jars and bowls. Clear containers showcase the colorful candies better. Keep in mind the shape of a candy will determine how much a container can hold that specific candy.  For exmaple, chocolate pretzels will make more volume but weigh lighter and bite sized candies such as jelly beans will make less volume and weigh heavier.
•  Order the candy
Plan to order the candy so that it will arrive about 2 weeks prior to the event. You want the candies to be as fresh as possible, but you also want to account the delivery time and allow yourself a buffer zone in case you need more candies.

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