Blueberry Marshmallow Twists Puffy Poles Blue & White - 2.2 Lb. Bag

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Blueberry flavored marshmallow twists puffy poles - Light Blue & White 
Cylindrical marshmallow poles in blue and white spiral colors

"Unlike many fly-by-night novelty marshmallows that trade solely on their looks like a sub-par beauty queen, Pink & White Jumbo Marshmallow Twists have a truly superlative mallow taste that will satisfy more than your visual and tactile senses. These puffy pillars of toothsome sugar-cushion deliver the genuine goods when you bite down on them. Whether you’re amassing ingredients to create campfire treats, building a candy buffet for your wedding day, or sussing out sweets for a baby shower for a boy, you can’t lose when you choose Blue & White Puffy Poles!"
Marshmallow Twist Measures 2.75" x 1" x 1".

Bag contains 2.2 lb. of Marshmallow Puffy Poles.
Made in Spain.

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