DC Comics' Batman Cotton Candy Mylar Bag(1.5 Oz)

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Super Hero DC Comics Batman Cotton Candy in a Maylar bag - Pink Vanilla & Blue Raspberry Two Flavors in each bag
If you want to feel like a kid again, go to a carnival. You can ride the Ferris wheel, play games of chance and stand amazed as the “Carnie” guesses your age or weight. You can even watch in awe as the cotton candy maker spins a confection that looks like pillows of wool but melts in your mouth like a snowflake. Now you can get that same feeling in our bags of cotton candy. 
Holy Smoke Batman!
Fluffy Candy Treat Perfect as party favors!

Each bag measures about 9 inches tall.
Each Bag Net Wt.: 1.5 oz (44g).

Made in the USA by Taste of Nature.

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