Project 7 Live, Give, Smile.™ Rainbow Ice Sugar Free Gum Pouches - 12 Ct. Case

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Project 7 "Live. Give. Smile." Rainbow Ice Sugar Free Gum Pouches
"A breath of fresh air is packed in this cool gum pack. Your mouth will thank you, your friends will thank you, here's to more friends!!! "
"You + Project 7 + Hope"
"Your purcahses have helped over 33K students go through antibullyng programs" -

"Project 7 exists to do good around the globe. With the understanding that people are going to buy things, we decided to make things that they're already purchasing and use them to solve everyday problems around the globe. Simply, we make products that give back to seven areas of need for good around the globe. Join us in spreading good!
The 7 causes chosen by Project 7 are the areas we see the most need in this world. These include: Feeding the Hungry, Healing the Sick, supporting those who Hope for Peace, Housing the Homeless, Quenching Those who Thirst, Teaching them Well, and Saving the Earth."

Each Gum Pouch contains 12 pieces.
Each Tube Net Wt.: 0.53 oz(15 g).

Case contains 12 Project 7 Sugar Free Gum Pouches.

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