Starburst GummiBursts Liquid Filled Gummies Mini Packs(1.5 Oz) - 24 Packs Case

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Starburst GummiBursts Liquid Filled Gummies Packs - Flavor Duos
These Starburst GummiBursts Flavor Duos are delicious gummy nibble with not one, but two juicy fruit flavors: a chewy outer layer rocking one flavor, and a sweet liquid-filled inside featuring a different one!
Fabulous fuit duo flavors: Strawberry/Watermelon, Cherry/Fruit Punch, Green Apple/Strawberry, and Lemon/Cherry.
Pop one in your mouth and unleash the juiciness! Unexplainably Juicy™

"A burst of refreshing fruit flavor," Starburst Fruit Chews are classic, bite-size, square-shaped taffies that have been making mouths water since 1959. They are easily recognized as the quintessential summertime candy snack, delivering sweet, refreshing fruit flavors in every piece. Assorted flavors include strawberry, orange, cherry, and lemon."

Each Pack Net Wt.: 2.07 Oz.
Each Starburst chew pack contains 12 pieces.
Case contains 24 Startbust Square Fruit Chews Packs by Wrigley Candy Company.

Made in the USA.

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