Tropical Treat Island Flavors Coconut Candy Bar(1.65 oz) - 24 Ct. Case

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Tropical Treat Island Flavors Coconut Bars
Fluffy coconut in 3 fabulous flavors of Mango, Pineapple, and Banana - Kiwi.

The Original Classic Candy

"3 Color Coconut is produced the same way it was those many years ago.  Each flavor layer is cooked in an old style candy kettle.  The layers are spread out and rolled flat with a giant two-person rolling pin.  The finished candy is cut into loaves which are sliced into bar and packaged for sale. - "The Old Fashioned Way".

Each Candy Bar Net Wt.: 1.65 oz.
Display box contains 24 of Coconut Bars.

Made in the USA by Friesinger.

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