Vintage Mini Glass Candy Bottles - 6 CT Case

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Vintage Mini Glass Candy Bottles - 6 CT. Case
Mini version of vintage candy bottles
Fill up with candy and snacks. Cute!

 Mini Glass Bottles cand hold approximately 50 jelly beans or other bite sized candy or 3 liquid ounces.
 Bottle Dimensions: 4.25" x 1.5" x 0.69".
 Candy content and label not included.
 Case contains 6 of Miniature Glass Candy Bottles.

As the lights dim, the room is filled with smiling singing faces and a stunning birthday cake emerges from the dark with tiny burning candles representing all the wonderful years you and your loved ones have shared together. Although these events come every year, they go by so very fast. Cherish this year's celebration for a lifetime with these Mini Glass Bottles. Send a special message to your friends and family by filling these charming little favors with thank you notes, poems, or edible favorites from chocolates to mints. These one of a kind bottles will add a unique touch to your special day. Choose from our countless birthday design options and colors and add your name and birthday date to make these bottles memorable keepsakes your guests can refill with candies and trinkets of their own. Give your guests a gift that "bottles" this special moment for years to come.

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